Nokia 808 PureView review: What the big sites are saying!

The Nokia 808 PureView has been doing the rounds of the big tech websites of late and it seems there is a great deal of debate as to whether this is a great smartphone or just a fantastic cameraphone. Here we go beyond the headlines to check out what the Nokia 808 PureView review from the big sites!

The Nokia 808 PureView is a 4-inch smartphone running the Symbian OS. It’s now on sale here in the UK and in quite a few places around the world and will shortly be hitting the US. Nokia has been handing out review units for the last couple of weeks to the bigger sites, so we thought we’d dip in and see hat they have to say about the Nokia 808 PureView.

Have you read the NokNok review of the Nokia 808 PureView? 

Vlad Savov over at The Verge has to be awarded for the most esoteric description of the Nokia 808 PureView that we’ve seen when he calls it, ‘about as well designed as a phone with an alien camera excrescence can be’ before agreeing that ‘Taken in totality, the industrial design of the 808 is typical for a high-end Nokia device.’ Summing up his thoughts is another great flight of fancy, ‘The 808 PureView is like an armored dinosaur — a visually stunning, internally primitive’ which we kind of like.

The overall score according to The Verge is 6.1

Cliff Smith over at IT Pro Portal has written a review that he has billed as ‘A photographer’s perspective’ which is a great angle to take with the result that he concentrates perhaps a little too much on the phone itself and sacrifices the other features on offer with the Nokia 808. His summing up is quite interesting nonetheless, ‘While there’s no question that the Nokia 808 PureView is technologically interesting and represents something of a breakthrough in photographic technology, at the end of the day it’s still only a phone camera, just one with a larger than average sensor.’

The overall score according to IT Pro Portal is 7

Daniel P over at Phone Arena is another writer who commented on the design, saying ‘There is no arguing that it is function before form with the design of the Nokia 808 PureView. The Finns just built a phone around the monstrous 41MP PureView sensor, instead of the other way around.’ The review then goes on to focus largely on the camera, which comes as no surprise is summed up as ‘Frankly, we are in awe of what Nokia has produced with the camera in this phone. The achievement makes us optimistic about its future flagship [devices].’

The overall score according to Phone Arena is 8.5

Engadget got Mat Smith to review the Nokia 808 PureView and as once again was bowled over by the camera, when he says ‘The Nokia 808 PureView is the best cameraphone out there, but you’ll have to be willing to forgo the simplicity, function and comfort of competing smartphones if you intend to own it’ before going on to sum up as such ‘In general, you might hear reviewers toss around clichés like “setting new benchmarks” and “peerless results,” but in this case, all these platitudes ring true. The 808’s low-noise shots, even in dim light, and its loss-less digital zoom features roar. Throw in the superb video and audio recording performance and you have have a clear cameraphone champion. The problem is, it’s one that demands a more capable and (future-facing) operating system.’

The overall score according to Engadget is N/A

Chris Davies over at Slashgear tells us that ‘Make no mistake, the Nokia 808 PureView is all about photography’ and even goes into some comparisons with DSLR cameras before getting to his wrap-up, ”In the end, though, even the fact that we’re comparing the 808 PureView to DSLRs is testament to Nokia’s achievement. Few people will actually go out and buy it themselves, but then the 808 is really a test bench for PureView technology, a proof-of-concept. Now that it has convinced us of its merits, Nokia can leverage the branding to differentiate its Windows Phone range. Frankly, the sooner it can do that, the better.’

The overall score according to Slashgear is N/A

What do you think, have the big sites got their reviews right with the Nokia 808 PureView? Is it all about of the camera (that’s an easy one to answer) or should they have delved deeper into Nokia Belle Feature Pack 1 more? Let us know your thoughts in the Comments below.  

  • Mimmy_lovey

    Wow kris, u are already driving me crazy with the description. I also have N8 so I want d pure view now.

  • Mikey_Bee

    Where was this confirmed, not seen anything on it? Can you send me a link?

  • Kris Moonpie

    I got my 808 a few days ago here in China. My previous phone was an N8. I also own an Android tablet pc. I’m loving the 808. It doesn’t seem clunky or laggy to me at all. Works just fine. It took all of the positive points of the N8 and amplified them into one sweet machine. There is just no other machine that matches the hardware features of the 808. SD A/V output from the headphone jack, a separate proprietary HDMI A/V output, FM transmitter to play your music in any car, USB on-the-go which can handle thumb and hard drives mouse or keyboards, SD card support, removable battery, stereo dolby audio recording and headphone support, 41mp sensor, xenon and led flash/video light. The ability to just drag-and-drop or transfer over bluetooth any music or video of nearly any format for instant playback without using any terrible software (ahem…Itunes) It’s a genuine piece of gear. Not like so many plasticy Android clone phones.

    I can’t really figure out what my Android tablet can do so much better than my 808 besides amount of available apps which doesn’t really matter much to me. The usability of Nokia Belle FP1 is just fine, not worth all of the fuss reviewers having been giving it IMO. I have plenty of apps for my 808 and 3/4ths of the apps available for android are just silly and only worth a few uses anyway. Nokia Belle runs great without multiple cores, no reason to shorten it’s battery life unnecessarily!

    A big “like” from me.

  • OO0

    Incorrect. Amazon have never received, nor shipped stock. They have ‘sold out’ the pre-orders, but Nokia never actually delivered the product to them. It’s gone from June the 30th, to July the 5th to now July the 11th – 13th. Nokia have messed them around so much that they’ve taken the page down again.

  • How1ard

    Amazon confirmed they are still yet to receive any stock, they haven’t sold out at any stage as they have had NO product. This was confirmed this morning.

  • Mikey_Bee

    Amazon have it for sale in black and white. Check out this article: as Nokia spell out the problem, they keep selling out! Seems 11- 13th July is when Amazon is now promising delivery for those who order this week!

  • jhl

    I own a Nokia N8 and love it, yes its a bit slow and clunky but as a basic phone its better than my android phone. It is very convenient when it comes to 1/ taking pictures, 2/making and receiving voice calls, 3/great sms, 4/great email. So I am looking forward to getting my 808 with loads of improvements. Especially the clear black display allows viewing in direct sunlight. To sum up, this is a outdoor/hikers phone, great GPS, sports tracker is a great app, and free maps. So if you look at it in this light its a great outdoor phone with a fantastic camera.. great to take on holiday. If you want a good web experience buy yourself an S3 (I have one – brilliant awesome device). But there is still a place in my other pocket for an 808. By the way if it ran windows phone, I certainly would never have ordered one, in my humble opinion the Lumia is rubbish, it loses all the great Symbian usability, your far better off with Android.

  • OO0

    It’s not on sale in the UK. Nokia postponed it.