Nokia Lumia 900: Top city guide apps

If you’re planning a short city break over the coming weeks of months, you should know that there are some great apps for your Nokia Lumia 900 that can help your get the most from your trip. Read on as we list some of our favourites.

City breaks are great, but you usually don’t want to hang around. Time is often short and the list of things to do can take months to get through. It’s all about prioritising and cramming as much in as possible, which is where these apps come in.

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Nokia City Lens

We should start with Nokia’s own City Lens app, as it’s the best way to get your bearings when you first step out of the train station or cab into a bustling city. Hold your Nokia Lumia phone out in front of you like you were taking a picture of the skyline, and Nokia City Lens will layer helpful information (restaurants, hotels, shops) over a live camera view of your surroundings. Handy AND cool.


The Guidpal range stretches to 42 applications, each covering one of the world’s top cities. It’s comprehensive alright. Each app provides quick access to information on the best restaurants, bars and shopping destinations for your city of choice. If you’re stuck for inspiration, they’ll also help out with featured highlights. Our favourite bit is that you can download a map of the city for quick offline access – useful for beating those roaming charges.



Monocle isn’t a dedicated city guide, but it is awfully handy as one. If you haven’t heard of it before, Monocle is a classy culture magazine covering culture, technology and business, and this is the official mobile app. The 25/25 section details 25 prominent business cities and 25 resorts dotted around the world, offering a list of the best facilities in each, as well as a brief summary.



Unlike is focused on providing thoughtful, high quality editorial and alternative recommendations off the beaten track. It’s the perfect app for those looking to avoid the usual tourist traps and experience a city’s hidden delights. ┬áPacked full of excellent guides that cover culinary delights, shopping tips and more – often from experts in the field – this is perfect for the discerning traveller.