PayPal for Windows Phone review for your Nokia Lumia

PayPal for Windows Phone has arrived and we’ve downloaded it free on our Nokia Lumia 610 to check out how easy it is to send and receive money when on the move. Find out more with our PayPal for Windows Phone review.

PayPal for Windows Phone has been a long time in coming but it’s now arrived and is another one of those apps that clearly makes a perspective shift by developers, highlighting how important the platform is becoming for them.

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PayPal for Windows Phone allows you to send money to friends using your bank or PayPal account, as well as check your current balance, withdraw funds or view past transactions.

The interface is pretty straightforward, when you first open the app you need to log in using your PayPal account name and password, so you’ll find the same degree of protection on the mobile version as you will on the desktop client.

Once logged into PayPal for Windows Phone you’ll find that it’s a simple app that allows you to swipe between pages. Account gives an overview of how much you’ve currently got in your account, along with the most recent transactions. A refresh button at the foot of the screen allows you to do exactly that if you think it needs it.

Swipe to the right and you’ll find the main Menu page that allows you to do two things: Send and Request money. Tap on either of these and you’ll be pushed through to a new page that allows you to fill in the required details.

We downloaded PayPal for Windows Phone on our Nokia Lumia 610 to show that it works on all Windows Phone devices but you could equally put it on your Nokia Lumia 800 or Nokia Lumia 900.

As apps go, PayPal for Windows Phone is doesn’t get bogged down in a complicated and unnecessary interface and while in its current guise you won’t want to make it the sole source of interaction with PayPal, as a way to keep tabs on your account while out and about we think it works perfectly well.

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