Nokia Suite 3.6.11 beta supports Nokia Lumia offers sync with Outlook directly

Nokia Suite 3.6.11 beta has been released by the guys at Beta Labs and while this app is still in development it’s a major step forward as it’s the first time Nokia Lumia owners have been able to connect with the software and use it to sync with Outlook.

If you’re new to Nokia and Nokia Lumia then you’ll be accustomed to using the Zune software for linking to your PC and sharing sharing files. Nokia Suite does the same job but for older Symbian and Series 40.

This has meant that if you own a variety of Nokia devices you’ve needed both software on your PC. Thankfully, with the arrival of the Nokia Suite 3.6.11 beta things are moving in the right direction and you’ll be able to sync your Nokia Lumia with Nokia Suite to share. 

Nokia Suite 3.6.11 beta changelog:

  • You can copy your contacts, calendar and photos to a Nokia Lumia phone
  • Keep information in sync between tour phone, Mozilla Firefox 15 and Thunderbird 15
  • Gains in reliability with a number of important error corrections


If you’ve not already got Nokia Suite on your PC then you can download the trial version from Nokia Beta Labs. You’ll need to register first but this gives you the opportunity to feed back in your findings and directly influence the next version of the software.

However, if you’ve already got the previous version running on your PC you’ll find the update is up, ready and waiting for you to download, simply click on the updates page.

Cheers to wmpoweruser for the heads up. We’ve updated to Nokia Suite 3.6.11 beta and will be checking out the software shortly.