UPDATE: Nokia Lumia 800 now just £149 SIM free at ASDA

The Nokia Lumia 800 was the first Windows Phone smartphone to launch from Nokia and is now over a year old. That’s getting on in smartphone terms but if you’re looking for a bargain then it means the £149 asking price makes this definitely a must buy best price deal.

The Nokia Lumia 800 is a 3.7-inch smartphone running Windows Phone and is pretty much the blueprint for the new and larger Nokia Lumia 920. The curved glass of the screen, the amazing build quality and easy to use interface makes it an amazing device for anyone thinking of switching to a smartphone for the first time.

Best Nokia Lumia 800 price deals for September 2012

Sure, the Nokia Lumia 920 and Nokia Lumia 820 will be here in the next couple of months but what if you’re on a budget and need a smartphone now? Well, we think we’ve found the answer as Asda Direct is selling the Nokia Lumia 800 for £199 SIM free and they’ll even throw in free delivery – now you can’t say fairer than that.

It looks like they only have the Nokia Lumia 800 Black Edition but that’s the one we own and it’s an amazing device.

UPDATE: It seems you can’t keep a good deal down and now that Amazon is offering the Nokia Lumia 800 for £199 (inc. VAT), Asda has announced that it now offering the same black variant for just £149 (inc. VAT) SIM free and with free delivery. Now, that’s something worth popping in your shopping basket this weekend!

Check out the Nokia Lumia 800 for £149

  • Mikey_Bee

    Mike, you’re right, whether you’re just looking for a bargain or waiting for the Lumia 920, now is an amazing time to be a Windows Phone user!

  • mikewarner

    Outrageous value! Even from now until the end of the year it’s worth it, especially while waiting to see what the newly announced WP8 phones are really like in that critical November/early December time frame.

    I think I might have some Lumia 800 and see how good Nokia’s software really is and whether it is worth buying the 920 or going for the better sized HTC 8X or Samsung’s Ativ S (perhaps overall the best specs but a large footprint).

    It’s a good time to be a WP user, isn’t it?