Nokia Lumia owners now get free Xbox Live game Mirror’s Edge

Whether you own the brand new Nokia Lumia 920 running Windows Phone 8, or have the entry-level Nokia Lumia 610 with Windows Phone 7.5 you can now pick up EA game Mirror’s Edge for free from the Nokia Collection.

Mirror’s Edge for Xbox Live was the first game launched in the deal between EA Games and Nokia to bring a host of games exclusively to the Nokia Lumia platform. It originally costs £2.29 when first launched back in July but if you didn’t pick it up then, you can now as it’s being given away for free.

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In Mirror’s Edge you play Faith, a runner in a dystopian future who needs to deliver messages by hand, at the same time avoiding government surveillance, putting life and limb on the line for freedom.

It’s a whopping 132MB file so will only download over WiFi, which is no bad thing, and we’ve found that it will download and play just as well on the Nokia Lumia 820 running Windows Phone 8, as well as the Nokia Lumia 800 running Windows Phone 7.5. It will also play on the Nokia Lumia 610 with ease.

At the same time, Mirror’s Edge has also come in for an update, taking it to version We’ve no information at this time as to how long Mirror’s Edge will be free for, so we suggest you get hold of it now while you can.

You’ll find it in the Nokia Collection on your handset. Obviously, being exclusive to Nokia Lumia means that if you own a Samsung, HTC, or other Windows Phone variant you won’t be able to pick up this great looking and enjoyable game.

Got your hands on Mirror’s Edge for free? What do you think of it? Let us know your thoughts in the Comments below.

Thanks to WPCentral for the tip

  • Scott

    I checked earlier and it was £2.29, just checked again and nothing’s changed. :(

  • Shreyans

    it’s not showing free in the marketplace. i am looking in Indian market as i am from India.
    plz guide me.

  • Lyndon Reynolds

    Really wanted this app, but didn’t really want to stump up the money (Not like it was expensive) but I had already played, and paid for the iPad and Xbox equivalent. Really good game and buttery smooth on my 820. Surprised and Glad to see it free!

  • Mikey_Bee

    Sorry to hear that, we’ve checked it on a number of devices here and all show it as free – worth a re-start?