Nokia Lumia 920 and Nokia 808 PureView test: Optical Image Stabilisation showcased

The Nokia Lumia 920 joins the Nokia 808 by offering a great PureView camera experience. While they share the same core technology there are marked differences and Optical Image Stabilisation in video mode is just one of them.

All the hands-on photography we take on NokNok are done using the Nokia 808 PureView and if you’ve checked out our most recent videos, such as Panorama for Windows Phone 8 or Nokia City Lens on the Nokia Lumia 820, then you’ll know we’ve also started recording video using the Nokia 808 PureView too.

We’ve not had a chance to check out the Nokia Lumia 920 videos skills yet, which was why we were interested in the latest posting from PureView Club. As the name of the site suggests, PureView Club is all about Nokia smartphones sporting PureView. With the arrival of the Nokia Lumia 920 it means there is a great deal more to discover than just the Nokia 808.  

The site has been having a great time of late testing the video capabilities of both handsets and have posted this great video comparison of the Nokia 808 PureView and Nokia Lumia 920 focussing on Optical Image Stabilisation.

Nokia 808 PureView video test in action:

Nokia Lumia 920 video test in action:

What do you think, is the Nokia Lumia 920 what you’re looking for in a smartphone with amazing camera skills? Let us know your thoughts in the Comments below.

Via: PureViewClub 

  • Joshua Bonner

    I do think lumia 920 is just that little bit better and a little be sharper and better saturation