Nokia Lumia 920 low-light photos of Deadmau5 live in London

Nokia and Deadmau5 teamed up for the ‘This is Lumia’ event for a second year running, bringing a dazzling light and audio show to the centre of London. We were there with our trusty Nokia Lumia 920 to check out the show.

Exactly a year after Nokia created the biggest light show London had ever seen – a 4D projection that covered Millbank Tower – we were there to witness this year’s super-secret special event with an immersive audio-visual show starring deadmau5 called ‘Don’t be afraid of the dark!’

Nokia rigged every inch of Flat Iron Square in Southwark, using specially developed software, to come alive in sequence to a deadmau5 set. When we got there it looked just like any other street. That was until you noticed the cafe had a Deadmau5 sign attached, the shops all had Nokia logos attached and there was even a ‘Nokia Lounge’.  

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When Deadmau5 took to the stage, stop one of the buildings, the whole street came to life with a light show that was amazing. Set pieces took centre stage and even the windows around the square were alive as ‘annoyed’ neighbours and just the curious played their part beautifully

At one stage, Deadmau5 moved from behind the decks to walk around the set before disappearing only to re-appear on the floor for the square for the second half of the set. It was an amazing experience that we managed to capture using our Nokia Lumia 920.

We’ve pulled together 12 of our favourite shots from the Deadmau5 gig, showcasing not only what happened on the night but also how great the low-light mode is on the Nokia Lumia 920.  

Did you go, were you there? What did you think of the experience? Let us know your thoughts in the Comments below.