How to save on Data Roaming with your Nokia Lumia Windows Phone 8

data-roamingOwn a Nokia Lumia 920 or Nokia Lumia 820 running Windows Phone 8 and heading abroad? If you’re looking to save money then it pays to know how to keep tabs on the data roaming costs. Here we show you How to save on Data Roaming on your Nokia Lumia Windows Phone 8.

If you want to save money when roaming abroad then you can do so by changing mobile data settings. When abroad, data costs may pile up quickly. Using a WiFi connection is generally faster and more cost effective. If you’ve not already set up a WiFi connection then to do so swipe left and tap on Settings>WiFi and tap the connection you want to use.

It’s worth bearing in mind that data connection is set as on by default on your Nokia Lumia. To keep costs down you can switch it off by going to Settings>Mobile Network>Data Connection to Off.

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For more useful tips check out the Nokia Support video below, as it shows you how to manually download email as well as where to look for all your data roaming settings.