Are you ready for Nokia Music+

nokia-music-upgradeNokia Music+ is the new subscription service that take Nokia Music and Nokia Mix Radio to the new level. It’s set to roll out soon but if you want to know more about it, Nokia has put together a hand video of what you can expect.

Dean Pattrick is Nokia’s music guru and he’s taken part in the video below explaining the benefits of the Nokia Music+ service. Nokia Music+ is an optional upgrade that has been created off the back of feedback given to Nokia by it’s customers. If you don’t want in then you’ll still find unlimited music for free with no account to create, no subscription and no adverts on your Nokia Lumia.

Nokia Music and Windows Phone 8: What you need to know

However, if you love Nokia Music and want even more fun you can upgrade to Nokia Music +. For a small monthly fee – it will costs £3.99 a month here in the UK – you get unlimited track skips, removing that barrier enabling you to listen to the music you love. The next is unlimited offline caching so you can download a full playlist to your device and listen to it offline. Then there is high quality audio when you’re connected to WiFi.

Nokia is also starting to add lyric streaming into the mix so you can sing along with your favourite tracks and you will be able stream music on the web as well as mobile.

Perhaps best of all, it doesn’t matter if you’re running Windows Phone 7 or the latest Windows Phone 8, you’ll be able to take advantage of Nokia Music+ just the same. To find out more, check Marketplace or Windows Store to make sure you have the latest version of Nokia Music. You will find more about Nokia Music + under “settings”.