Nokia N8 beats Nokia 808 as your favourite Symbian smartphone ever!

Nokia N8: Why we still love it so muchThe Nokia N8 is the Symbian smartphone that keeps on giving, seeing off opposition from the Nokia 808 PureView and classic Nokia N95. Nokia may not be considering launching any more Symbian smartphones but it seems many users are happy to continue using their devices. Read on to find out why the Nokia N8 is your favourite Symbian smartphone ever!

We recently ran a poll asking you which was your favourite Symbian smartphone of all time, with the Nokia N8, Nokia 808 PureView and Nokia N95 8GB as the main contenders. We’d like to than you all for the amazing response, it seems there is still a great deal of love for Symbian out there!

As we said at the time ‘Without a doubt, the Nokia N8 is the smartphone many of us will remember, and continue to use, as the most innovative and compelling Symbian smartphone ever. Before PureView, cameraphone technology was largely about how many Megapixels could be utilised inside your smartphone. Offering a simply staggering 12-Megapixel camera, stunning build quality and plenty of impressive features, such as USB on the go and an HDMI port for hooking up HD TVs the N8 couldn’t be beat.’


And so it seems, as a whopping 67 per cent of you voted for the powerhouse portable. With a landslide victory the Nokia N8 is clearly the best Symbian device out there. We’d like to say the Nokia 808 PureView was hot on its heels but with 14 per cent of the vote it was some way behind.

Some seven per cent of the vote of was made up of ‘other’ votes, so clearly there is a great deal of affection for a range of Symbian phones, with the Nokia E71 proving popular, as well as the Nokia E7 and even the Nokia E90.

Interestingly, the one Symbian smartphone that made an impact in the ‘Others’ category was the Nokia 5800 – the first touchscreen smartphone Nokia released running Symbian. We have a sneaky feeling of at least one person who still uses this phone and would have voted, which shows there is life in a platform many have consigned to the past.

Do you still love your Nokia N8? Let us know why in the Comments below.

  • Mikey_Bee

    Have you tried the 808? At the launch of the NL720 last week I was sat with two others and we all pulled Nokia 808 smartphones out of our bags to take photos – in a room of tech journos with the latest kit that’s some recommendation :)

  • tim samuels

    the best phone ive ever used never lets me down ive had mine since launch i may get another one for backup so good to hear other people other then me are still loyal symbian lovers out there :) n8 rocks!

  • Lei S. Wang

    same here mate. I still using and loving my beautiful N8. hunting for new phones, but none made it.

  • Stoli89

    N8 for the win. Still loving mine after 2 years…and multiple firmware updates. In fact, with updated Belle, it was like getting a new phone at the time. I also bought another as backup and for continuous use within the wifi network at home. The second I bought on eBay for about GBP 120…a real bargain considering the thing didn’t have a scratch!

    This phone effectively replaced both my Panasonic Lumix compact camera and Sony digicam a long time ago. It does it all…a bit slow compared to the newest on the block…but it runs well over a full day (with new battery) on a single charge too! I’ll be buying a BV-4D battery next…to extend runtime since my current one is long in the tooth.

    Of course, it goes without saying that to get maximum benefit out of this device you need some key apps, like Gravity, Opera Mini, Skype, and JoikuSpot.

  • m.nasir

    I still using n8 for 2 years plus and i really love it, only recently my n8 always hang and sometime annoying when u want to take photos, it hang and need to restart, i am eyeing on lumia 920 but lack of radio, memory slot and additional cable for hdmi keep my hand off from touching lumia 920, why nokia left n8 legacy behind? Any reason or waiting for updates?

  • Nokia Bermuda

    Very happy with my Nokia N8, have not had any problems with mine. I use it every day and planning on getting a second one as a back up just in case this one breaks.

  • Mikey_Bee

    That’s great to hear. Like your attitude :)

  • Mikey_Bee

    Only Amazon is directly selling the 808 here in the UK, or try someone like Clove:
    N8 will be tough though as it’s no longer on sale :(

  • Jean-Pierre Haines

    Where can I buy a Nokia n8 sim free and new or a Nokia 808 pureview from a reliable retaile

  • Mikey_Bee

    Couldn’t agree with you more, Darren – I think a great deal of people agree too, hence the landslide win :)

  • Darren

    People are still talking about my Nokia N8 like it’s garbage. They’re ignorant.

    Applications? I need e-mail, weather, memos, calendar, calculator, navigation (including offline) and all of them work just fine for me. I am a heavy user of Twitter and Facebook, the Gravity app covers that just fine for me. For an e-reader, I have a Kobo wireless, since anything smaller than 6 inches is too difficult for me to ready long passes comfortably. The music player is just fine for me, carries nearly every MP3 song I own thanks to the expandable memory.

    Also, the camera on this baby, 12 MP, is still at least the 2nd best on the market (the Nokia 808 is the first, period).