Battery App review for Windows Phone 8

battery-app-review-01Whether you own a Nokia Lumia 920, Nokia Lumia 620 or a rival handset such as the Samsung Galaxy S III or iPhone 5, the one thing they all have in common is battery and how to keep tabs on the amount you have left. Here we check out the Battery app for Windows Phone 8.

Battery is a neat little app for Windows Phone 8 that allows you to see at a glance how much battery life you have left. It doesn’t help you save battery, it merely monitors your usage. It’s free to download from the Windows Phone Store.

The app itself is simple to use as it’s all on one page. In the top left-hand corner is a percentage of how much battery is left, which stats on how long you can expect the battery to last, as well as a note on when you last charged your phone.

The bulk of the page is based around a graph that gives you more detailed information on when you charged your phone and battery usage. You can pin Battery to your Start screen or you can add it to the Lock screen, so you can see you battery life at a glance.


When we charged our Nokia Lumia 620 it showed up on the Lock screen as 99% and not 100%. At first we though something may have been wrong with our battery, after all it’s only three weeks old. However, we did a little digging around and it seems that it’s a Windows Phone limitation that it shows 99% and not the full 100%, which seems a little odd.

Another Windows Phone limitation occurs if you decide to have the Battery app as a Live Tile on you Start screen. It refreshes itself every 30 minutes instead of in real time, so you’re better off having it show up on the Lock screen, where it’s easier to see at a glance how much you have left anyway.

Battery is a neat little app for those obsessed with how much battery they have left. It won’t directly help you save battery life but over time you’ll be able to monitor your usage patterns and possibly help in that way.


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Rating: 3