Rankin and Nokia Lumia Photography tips: ISO Settings explored and explained

rankin-ISO-settingsWhether you own the latest Nokia Lumia 920, Nokia 808 PureView or even the most entry-level phone, such as the Nokia Lumia 620, they all have a top-notch camera in common. Here we look at how to get the best from your ISO settings courtesy of Rankin Film Productions.

Nokia has teamed up with Rankin Film Productions for year two of Collabor8te, a scheme to support the next generation of image-makers.

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Alex Simpson from Rankin Film Productions explains digital ISO on your Nokia Lumia and shows you how to improve your photos in different lighting conditions.

ISO used to refer to the speed of the film in the camera but these days it refers to the amplification of the signal from your camera‚Äôs sensor. What this means in real world usage is, the higher the ISO setting the more power your Nokia Lumia has to absorb light, which is great if you’re looking to take shots in darker environments.

Check out the video from Nokia and Rankin Film Productions and pick up a few tips from the professionals.

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