Domino’s Pizza launches Windows Phone 8 app with NFC Tags

dominos-nokia-lumia-920Domino’s Pizza has launched its latest app with full support for Windows Phone 8, allowing you to place an order and even claim free pizza using NFC Tags by simply tapping your Nokia Lumia on the counter. Read on to find out more about Domino’s Pizza for Windows Phone 8.

Domino’s Pizza has a great little app for Windows Phone 7.xx and started work in January of this year to move that user experience over to the Windows Phone 8 platform. It’s now launched and free to download from the Windows Phone Store.

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What’s new with the Domino’s Pizza app for Windows Phone 8 are features such as being able to login using the same account as you would the main website, making keeping track of your vouchers and offers so much easier. You can also use the new Pizza Tracker to keep an eye on your order.

However, there are some neat little innovations that have crept into the Domino’s Pizza app for Windows Phone 8. Voice activation allows you to start the app up by simply saying “Domino’s Pizza!”

You’ll also be able to use the NFC in your Nokia Lumia courtesy of NFC Tags, allowing you to redeem vouchers by tapping on any NFC‐tagged print material. Finally, Live Tile notifications can you of the latest meal deals on offer in your local store.

It all adds up to one of the most interesting food apps out there, while still retaining many of the original features. So, you’ll find the Domino’s Pizza app for Windows Phone 8 still centres around the store locator and offers up a full menu, including drinks and deserts, for you to order from. You can order half-and-half pizzas as well as customise your orders and the all meal deals are available.

Using the Domino’s Pizza app for Windows Phone 8 you can choose to pay by credit or debit card, or use cash when you go and pick up your order.

Free to download and available now, the Domino’s Pizza app has a great look and is incredibly easy to use. The next time you feel like a slice and a drink on ice, you know which app to activate.

DOWNLOAD: Domino’s Pizza