Nokia Lumia 520 owners: Top 5 tips you need to do right now!

nokia-lumia-520-tips-tricksThe Nokia Lumia 520 is a stunning smartphone that also happens to be the cheapest Windows Phone 8 device on the market, making it ideal for the first-time smartphone owner. If you’re wondering how to set it up then check out the top five things you need to do right now.

It’s easy to see why the Nokia Lumia 520 is proving a popular choice with those looking for a cost-effective but fully-featured Windows Phone 8. With pricing starting at less than £100 here in the UK but delivering a great user experience in the form of a 4-inch touchscreen, 5-Megapixel camera and an amazing choice of colours.

Top 100 free Windows Phone apps for Nokia Lumia 520 

If you’re thinking of buying a Nokia Lumia 520, or have just bought one, and are wondering how to make the most of it, then you’ve come to the right place. Here we look at the top five things you need to do right now with your Nokia Lumia 520.


How to Transfer Contacts on your Nokia Lumia 520

The Windows Phone 8 operating system makes it incredibly easy to transfer contacts. What’s more, Nokia has made the whole process even more simplified on the Nokia Lumia 520 via the Transfer My Data app that comes pre-installed. You’ll find this app on the second page, simply swipe left to find the list of installed apps. Tap on the app and make sure Bluetooth is switched on on your Nokia Lumia 520.

Once it’s switched on you’ll find any devices in your area that are using Bluetooth and visible. Select your old Nokia phone and accept the pairing. Once linked you’ll find that contacts are sent over automatically. You may find that you’ll be able to transfer messages and pictures in the same way. How easy is that?


How to add new Contacts on your Nokia Lumia 520

To add a new contact to your Nokia Lumia 520, just start by tapping on the People tile; you can find this at the top right of the Windows Phone Start screen on the Lumia’s main Start screen. This will open the People Hub, where you can fully manage all Contacts and Groups on your device.

From here, all you need to do is tap the ‘New’ button at the bottom of the screen – illustrated with a ‘+’ symbol – and then select New Contact. You will then see the New Windows Live Contact page, where you can enter all details of your new contact, including name, phone number and email address.


How to set up an Hotmail account on your Nokia Lumia 520

To set up a Hotmail account on the Nokia Lumia 520, just start by swiping to the left on the Windows Phone Start screen, or tap the right-facing arrow at the top right of the screen, to access the Windows Phone apps list. From here you can then scroll down the list and tap on the option labelled Settings.

Near the bottom of the screen that appears you will see an option labelled Email+Accounts, so tap on this and then tap to select Add an Account. You will then see a full list of the default accounts that you can add to your Nokia Lumia 520 and you’ll see the Windows Live option you need right at the top.

If you now tap on the Windows Live option, you will be able to enter your full Hotmail email address and password, using the Nokia Lumia 520’s great onscreen keyboard. Finally, you can then tap the Sign In button at the bottom of the screen and Windows Phone will complete your Hotmail setup.


How to setup a personal ringtone on your Nokia Lumia 520

To change ringtones on your Nokia Lumia 520, tap on the Settings option and go to Ringtones and Sounds. The first two options you can change let you choose whether to switch the Ringer and Vibrate features on or off, which you do by swiping the switches left or right.

Next you can set the default ringtones you want your Lumia 520 to sound when you receive a new call, text, instant message (IM), voicemail or email. Just tap the relevant option that you want to change and then you can choose from the vast list of available ringtones provided.

One of the new additions in Windows Phone 8 is the ability to use MP3 files you own as your default tune. The easiest way to do this is to download the Ringtone Maker app which is exclusive to Nokia Lumia owners. You’ll find this in the Nokia Collection on your Nokia Lumia 520.


How to manage the Battery on your Nokia Lumia 520

The Nokia Lumia 520 has a neat little battery saver tool that kicks in when you’re running out of juice, meaning only the basics run in the background and your battery lasts longer. To activate the Battery Saver tool, open the main System Settings and then scroll down the list and tap on Battery Saver.

The battery information it presents are the level of battery life you presently have, as well as the estimated time remaining. You can then either set the Battery Saver to activate when power is low, or you can start it immediately.

Need help setting up your Nokia Lumia 520? Ask us a question and we’ll look into getting the answer for you.

  • Mikey_Bee

    Tap and hold down on the message you want to delete. A pop up box will appear and you can choose delete from these options. Hope that helps?

  • Mikey_Bee

    The OS doesn’t do that by default but some third-party apps allow for that. Was it one of those, such as Facebook?

  • salim

    What I done was, go to homepage slide across to alphabet list tap, then tap (p) tap people, then your find all their contact details. Even while chatting with a friend on the phone.

  • Mikey_Bee

    To get random photos choose Bing from the options menu. Hope that helps?

  • louise tanner

    Hi, when I first set up my Lumia it changed the photos randomly on screen lock, I accidently chose a photo in my settings and now its locked to that. How do I go back to the random photo function?

  • john

    re contribution of shabana ..month ago …had identical problem with phone contacts when windows 8.1 updated . Whoever decided it was a good idea to “improve ” phone dialing by eliminating the stage where you have to actually call the number is a complete moron …iq less than 3 figures . What sort of idiots do they have at microsoft? LEAVE THINGS ALONE !!!!..”Improvements” are never improvements .

  • shelley

    Hi I bought my phone back in July of this year and after the 30 day warranty was up the backing of my phone can not be replaced. They have looked at it and asked me if I had replacement for it and I said if I did I wouldn’t be here. So the moral of buying the phone is if for any reason u can’t turn ur phone on please take of the back and play with the rectangular buttons by pushing it outward so u will be able to have ur phone turn on when u need to. I have been looking for replacements for the phone but no TELUS dealers have that. So on ward and upwards

  • Mikey_Bee

    It sounds like you’re stuck on Manual. Have you been to Settings>Email and tapped on your account to check ‘Download New Mail’ – if it’s on Manual then you can change it to a better frequency for you.

  • diana

    I can’t get incoming emails. If I refresh the mail they will come in then other than that I can’t get them. Everything has been checked and rechecked can someone please help….Diana

  • Sam Te Kani

    What I done was, go to homepage slide across to alphabet list tap, then tap (p) tap people, then your find all their contact details. Even while chatting with a friend on the phone.

  • Mikey_Bee
  • sakthivel

    Dear Sir,

    can’t download apps error code 800c0008 Lumia 520 or login Microsoft account please help

  • shabana

    Ow no not the response I was hoping for. I will look into it further. Thanks for getting back to me. Will post if I’m able to get it sorted.

  • Mikey_Bee

    Sounds like an odd one and something we’ve not come across before. How to get help and support for your
    Nokia Lumia:

  • Mikey_Bee

    As long as they are not DRM tied then you can use any song as a ringtone.

  • Mikey_Bee

    Not one we’ve come across – anyone know?

  • Mikey_Bee

    Sounds like a bug has crept in as it shouldn’t do that. Try a soft reset and if that doesn’t work then worth getting in touch with Nokia Care to take a look at it.

  • Mikey_Bee

    Worth checking you’re logged in at the desktop version of your Microsoft account. Let us know how you get on!

  • popcake

    When i want to download something it does not work and i even have a Microsoft account and it still wont work

  • PRATAP poyyara

    recently some updates were received .they were updated on my phone .bing stopped responding thereafter .what do i do get over this?

  • Peter

    I’m trying to send a contact to my car phone (2010 Nissan X Trail) and when I do my 520 keeps disconnecting. It connects to the car phone but when I try to send the contact it won’t stay connected. Any ideas? Have tried all the obvious, restarting phone, entering phone again into car memory. No problem with making calls, just can’t add contacts. Regards Peter

  • Mikey_Bee

    Glad we could help!

  • Keiren

    Mikey, thank you very much … I have a lot to learn ; new it might be very simple !

  • Mikey_Bee

    Tap on the little triangle to the left of the tune name and it will play a short blast.

  • Keiren

    Just bought a 520. How do I listen to the ringtones before setting the one I prefer. This was possible on my old Nokia

  • Mikey_Bee

    We’d suggest you take it back to Nokia Care

  • David

    I re-software the phone, lumia 520 from Nokia Care, but still it hangs, and after few seconds I cannot do anything I have to lock and then unlock it, any suggestion please..

  • Mikey_Bee

    Sounds like a bit of a software bug. Try switching phone off and on again. If that’s not working we’d suggest deleting the app and re-install from the Nokia Collection. Let us know how you get on

  • Mikey_Bee

    Have you looked in the Nokia Collection on your Lumia 520? The TMD app will be there to download for free.

  • Mikey_Bee

    The app for whichever tile you want to get back.

  • ken

    Sorry but what app

  • Mikey_Bee

    Go to the app in the App List. tap and hold and choose Pin to Start

  • ken

    How do I get a tile back

  • reece

    How do i get my number on a Nokia Lumina 520 plz help

  • Mikey_Bee

    These sources would be the best to ask: How to get help and support for
    your Nokia