Nokia Lumia 520 top 10 free apps for Windows Phone 8

nokia-lumia-520The Nokia Lumia 520 is the budget smartphone of the Windows Phone 8 family but that doesn’t stop it from being a fully-rounded device capable of meeting all your needs. Here we check out the top 10 free apps for your Nokia Lumia 520 right now.

The Nokia Lumia 520 is a 4-inch smartphone making that big screen perfect for whether you want to track down a location using HERE Maps or staying in touch with friends either over Skype or the essential WhatsApp.

The Nokia Lumia 520 may be considered an entry-level smartphone but you’ll find that it runs Windows Phone 8 with ease and offers an amazing array of apps to download and use. Here we look at what we think are the top 10 free apps for the Nokia Lumia 520 right now.

Some, like Nokia Music and HERE Maps come installed on your device while others are exclsuive to Nokia Lumia.

Nokia Music

Discover a world of music and local gigs with Nokia Music. With hours of online listening, choose mixes from the music experts, recommendations based on artists you love, or create your own playlists. Where it differs from other streaming services is that you can download and listen to music later offline. This app comes built into your Nokia Lumia 520 so you won’t need to do anything other than upload all your music, or even just make the most of Nokia Mix Radio that taps into over 14 million songs you can listen to for free!
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Nokia HERE Maps is now the core application used by Windows Phone 8 as part of its Windows Phone Maps, using Nokia’s geocoding, traffic information and calculated routes. However, you will find that Nokia Maps has its own look and feel and a deeper level of user interaction, such as POI, making it the best mapping experience out there.
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Cinemagraph is a blend of photo and movie-like animation, creating pictures that seem almost alive. It’s one of those apps that you need to see in action to really get the idea, as it takes the basic notion of a GIF file to the next level. Helpful on-screen assistance lets you select the animated area of your picture and easily create a Cinemagraph.
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PhotoBeamer is one of those apps that as soon as you start to use it you’ll love. It allows you to send photos from your Windows Phone 8 powered smartphone to any web browser, whether on a connected TV or a computer. Sharing images on the big screen as never been as easy or as fun.
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When it comes to instant smartphone messaging, WhatsApp is the undisputed king. The app lets you quickly chat in realtime with friends and family, regardless of which smartphone they own. Its true beauty is how easy it is to set-up – just enter a contact’s phone number and you’re away, and you can chat over Wi-Fi or 3G.


Make free Skype to Skype voice calls as well as send instant messages to friends and family around the world using either 3G or WiFi. What we like about this app is that you can see your Skype Contacts in the People Hub on the Start screen of your Nokia Lumia 520, making it easier to get in touch with them. This latest version even lets you switch Skype accounts on the go, easily allowing you to move from Work to Leisure modes.


If you haven’t signed up for the Netflix service yet, you really should. Besides being able to stream films and shows to your TV or computer for just a fiver a month, this free app lets you stream them to your Nokia Lumia Windows 8 smartphone. Ideal for making the most of the Nokia Lumia 920′s high def display.


Another great TV on demand service you can make the most of on your Nokia Lumia 520 is TVCathchup. This app over 50 channels of live national television channels from within the UK to watch. With its familiar television features, TVCatchup is an easy to use service for watching live TV over an internet connection within the UK.


If you use your Nokia Lumia phone to make brief notes and reminders, scrap whatever app you use and download EverNote. It’s a quick, intuitive and ubiquitous means of storing your notes, images and audio recordings in the cloud. You can then access them from pretty much any smart device or computer you can imagine.


You already get access to SkyDrive on your Nokia Lumia phone when it comes to storing photos or documents in the cloud, but this dedicated app from Microsoft allows you to manage all your SkyDrive files. It lets you upload and share pretty much any file you care to mention to pretty much any internet-connected device.
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Got a favourite app for your Nokia Lumia 520?

  • Mikey_Bee

    sounds like a software bug, Reboot your phone and see if it works then?

  • theresa gaines

    My Nokia 520 won’t upload my photos to friends pages most pages have a camera on side to upload your photos to there page when i press to upload all that comes on is comment but it’s not uploading the photo i wish to comment on. Help thankyou.

  • Mikey_Bee

    The Nokia Store is for Nokia X and Asha apps, you’ll find WhatsApp on the Windows Phone Store here:

  • clodagh mc nally

    You can download it, it’s called 6snap i don’t know why and if you have Instagram it’s called 6tag.

  • Mikey_Bee

    Nokia Mix Radio allows you to download mixes for free. If you’re after buying music from the Nokia Music Store you need to sign in and pay via Settings

  • Mikey_Bee

    Is it available in your area? It’s not on offer here in the UK and in the US it says “no longer published”

  • Ben Waller

    I have a 520 why am i unable to download swapchat?

  • Mikey_Bee

    There is no official SnapChat app we’re aware of at the moment.

  • ruby

    my phone was bought 6 days ago and wont come up to download snapchat or swap chat and it did before and i have tried reset phone

  • Mj

    maybe u should delete ur microsoft account or reset ur phone and make a new microsoft account and enter birth date greater than 18 years

  • Mikey_Bee

    That’s a new one on us. Anyone able to help?


    I bought a Nokia Lumia 520 2 days before,,,,, but when i’m trying 2 download some app or games its showing “MY FAMILY’S SETUP NEEDED” what should i do

  • Mikey_Bee

    Need to head over to the WIndows Phone Store for a full list :)

  • Mikey_Bee

    Settings>Email>Add Account

  • Mikey_Bee

    Sorry to hear that. Surely that is one minor feature on a great phone?

  • Vikas

    I really regret buying this phone…………….waste of money…………………no option to switch of auto rotate display:(

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  • Mikey_Bee

    Yeah, suggest taking it back to the store or contacting Nokia Care. It’s under warranty so all should be fine.

  • G Agrawal

    I did took out the battery and put it back. When I start the mobile, NOKIA comes in the screen. And after that a complete blue screen is shown. Nothing else. It lasts for around a minute and then goes away.

  • Mikey_Bee

    Have you tried taking the battery out then replacing it and switching back on that way? Sounds like a small glitch. If you’re worried take it back to the place you bought it.