Nokia Lumia 620 and Nokia Lumia 625 Photo and Camera hands-on

The Nokia Lumia 620 and Nokia Lumia 625 are quite different sized Windows Phone 8 smartphones. One is the smallest in the Lumia range, while the other the largest but they both have a 5-Megapixel camera with LED-Flash in common. Check out the Nokia Lumia 620 and Nokia Lumia 625 Photo and Camera hands-on.

The Nokia Lumia 620 and Nokia Lumia 625 both sport a 5-Megapixel sensor that can take photos up to a maximum resolution of 2592 z 1936 pixels, which is the perfect size for printing out at a large size, or simply sharing with friends on social media sites and family members.

Both have a 4x digital zoom and come with a 28mm focal length and f/2.4 aperture. They also sport a similar single LED-Flash arrangement. Where they differ is in the screen size, therefore with the knock-on effect of a larger Viewfinder on the Nokia Lumia 625.

The Nokia Lumia 625 has a 4.7-inch touchscreen that comes with Gorilla Glass 2, while the Nokia Lumia 62o is the smallest member of the Nokia Lumia family with a 3.8-inch touchscreen that sports ClearBlack technology.

If you’re thinking you like the idea of owning the larger phone and are wondering how well the camera comes with the Nokia Lumia 620, check out our quick hands-on. We took to the exhibits at the recent Airbourne 2013 show to take these photos. The weather was glorious and bright. We followed this up with a little low-light close-up action from the ofice desk:

Nokia Lumia 620 and Nokia Lumia 625 photo: Automatic settings








Nokia Lumia 620 and Nokia Lumia 625 photo: low-light (Closeup setting)



If you’re wondering how they stack up in the Video department, well we were really impressed earlier in the year when the Nokia Lumia 620 launched and delivered a great 720p video capture quality. However, if you’re looking for even more in the way of tech skills and value-for-money, the Nokia Lumia 625 ups the game by offering 1080p video recording at the same 30fps (frames per second).

Nokia Lumia 625 video hands-on at 1080p:

Nokia Lumia 620 video hands-on at 720p:

We’ve been impressed with both the Nokia Lumia 620 and Nokia Lumia 625 in the camera and video stakes, as they certainly deliver great quality shots for not a lot of money. The Nokia Lumia 620 can be picked up for as around £140 (inc. VAT) on PAYG, while the Nokia Lumia 625 costs around £180 (inc. VAT) on PAYG.

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