How to setup ringtones on your Nokia Lumia 625

The Nokia Lumia 625 is the brand new member of the budget Windows Phone 8 family but with its large 4.7-inch touchscreen makes for an amazing big screen entertainer. If you’re looking to personalise it with a ringtone then adding one is easier than you think. Check out how to setup ringtones on your Nokia Lumia 625.

The Nokia Lumia 625 comes with the default Nokia ringtone we all know and love but if you want to personalise your Windows Phone 8 smartphone, tap on the Settings option and go to Ringtones and Sounds.

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The first two options let you choose whether to switch the Ringer and Vibrate features on or off, which you do by swiping the switches left or right.

Below this you’ll find drop down menus for choosing the Ringtone on your Nokia Lumia 625, as well as for setting the tones for Text or IM, Voicemail and Email settings. Changing the Ringtone is simply a matter of choosing one from the drop down menu.

It’s worth noting that while it is possible to add and choose custom ringtones to your Nokia Lumia 625, when it comes to Text or IM, Voicemail and Email, you can only choose from the list of tones preloaded onto the phone.

When it comes to choosing a ringtone, you can choose any of those pre-loaded, or you can use any Nokia Lumia 625 sound file. The only stipulations are that it isn’t protected with Digital Rights Management (DRM) and is smaller than 30MB in size.

For example, you can use a sound file sent to you in a text message. To do this, tap and hold the ringtone file in the message and then tap Save as Ringtone.

If the ringtone is on your computer you can drag and drop the file when your Nokia Lumia 625 is connected to PC. Simply add the file to the Ringtone folder then choose it using the Settings>Ringtone.

Making ringtones with Nokia Ringtone Maker


This wouldn’t be a Nokia Lumia smartphone running Windows Phone 8 if Nokia hadn’t come up with a way to make adding ringtones to your Nokia Lumia 625 easier. Nokia Ringtone Maker is an app you’ll find in the Nokia Collection on your device and can be downloaded for free.

It allows you to make ringtones using your own music files and once the ringtone is made it can automatically set it as your ringtone. Once installed, simply open the app, select your favourite MP3 song, and trim it down to the size you’d like. The latest version of Nokia Ringtone Maker allows you to have ringtones up to 60 seconds in length and supports a wider range of music formats.

Once the ringtone has been created simply head to Settings>Ringtones and Sounds and choose it from the Custom list. That’s how easy it is to add a custom ringtone to your Nokia Lumia 625.

When Ringtone Maker first appeared we created the following video using the Nokia Lumia 820. It shows you how to make the most of app on your Nokia Lumia and works in exactly the same way on your Nokia Lumia 625.

  • Mikey_Bee

    If they’ve not shown up then it may be worth restarting your phone so it re-scans the folder? Worth a try!

  • Mikey_Bee

    Opera needs to republish their app. Would suggest Nokia Xpress if you’re looking for a low-impact browser alternative?

  • Mikey_Bee

    Tap on Manage Apps Sounds and choose Messaging. Hope that helps?

  • marc rushton

    have updated to cyan and cant change msg tone. how do i do it?

  • Mikey_Bee

    Yes, you can add a different ringtone to people in People, choose a Contact and then Add a Ringtone

  • kia

    i tried downloading the ringtone maker via

    but it says “this app is not available for your phone.”

    please help?

  • Mikey_Bee

    You can. We’d suggest making your clip in Ringtone Maker as this puts the MP3 file into the Custom option of the ringtones folder.

    Be aware though, Text alerts are intended to be short so only play for a maximum of 5 seconds.

    Let us know how you get on.

  • kia

    why can’t i use an mp3 file as a text alert?? earlier nokia phones allowed this option, why not a nokia 625?

  • Mikey_Bee

    The above article shows you how to set up and use Ringtones, is there anything specific you need help with?

  • aaabhishek

    Can u pls tell me ,.how can I use my music ringtone,in my nokia 625.