Nokia Lumia 625 and Nokia Lumia 520 Camera and Photo hands-on

The Nokia Lumia 625 is the latest smartphone to launch and offers up a budget Windows Phone 8 smartphone with a big screen experience. With the Nokia Lumia 520 being among the most popular budget smartphones on offer. If camera and photo skills are important, check out our Nokia Lumia 625 and Nokia Lumia 520 Camera and Photo hands-on.

Offering a fantastic Windows Phone 8 experience at a budget price, the Nokia Lumia 625 and Nokia Lumia 520 also offer a good entry-level camera and photography experience. What’s more, with the arrival of Nokia Smart Camera as part of the Nokia Amber update, you can do more with your photos than ever before.

The Nokia Lumia 520 is the entry-level member of the Window Phone 8 family, costing around £100 on PAYG, and is based around a 4-inch touchscreen display and comes with a 1GHz dual-core processor, 512MB of RAM and 8GB of internal memory and access to microSD slot.

By contrast, the Nokia Lumia 625 is slightly more expensive, around £175 on PAYG, and sports a larger 4.7-inch touchscreen display and is powered by a slightly more powerful 1.2GHz dual-core processor. It also comes with 512MB of RAM and 8GB of internal memory and access to microSD slot.

However, when it comes to the camera and video skills of the two device, the extra price of the Nokia Lumia 625 is reflected in the higher specification.

For example, both the Nokia Lumia 520 and Nokia Lumia 625 sport a 5-Megapixel camera but the Nokia Lumia 625 has the added advantage of an LED-Flash, as well as support for recording video at 1080p.

We thought we’d put the Nokia Lumia 625 and Nokia Lumia 520 Camera skills to the test and take a few snaps to see how they compare – you can click on the images to get the full size:

Nokia Lumia 625 and Nokia Lumia 520: Automatic Settings







Nokia Lumia 625 and Nokia Lumia 520: Closeup Settings





Nokia Lumia 625 and Nokia Lumia 520: Low-Light

The real difference between the two smartphones can be seen when taking photos in low or very poor light. The Nokia Lumia 625 comes with an LED Flash, allowing you to get some great shots. We have to admit, the light conditions in the following images are an extreme case as we simply turned the studio lights off, so there was very little light coming into the room – most people simply wouldn’t be taking photos in these conditions. However, we thought it showed how effective opting for the Nokia Lumia 625 is.



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  • Gareth Wonfor

    Sorry, i just noticed that you said you were using the standard WP8 camera software??.. that is baffling then??… Maybe Microsoft has fixed/changed something? – maybe this is what is affecting pro-cam too?

  • Gareth Wonfor

    Apologies.. I wasn’t suggesting you were manipulating the images. My thoughts are that it is a ‘fixed’ version of the nokia photo software? – I have watched the lumia 1020 launch videos and can see no sign of the warming/softening/colour change that you see on an amber device now a few seconds after initial capture? – my friends 925 does it as well since ‘amber’? – were they running a ‘custom’ (less imposing) version of Pro Cam at the demo maybe? – i want that version…

  • Cryio

    Very interesting then.

  • Mikey_Bee

    Hi. I don’t do ANY post production on any of the images I take for NokNok. The idea is, if you’re thinking of buying a Nokia then you deserve the raw facts.
    Both smartphones were running Amber and using the default WP8 camera

  • Cryio

    Mike, we need answers !

  • Gareth Wonfor

    Nope, not just you… i agree… the 625 images look suspiciously like they have had the same ‘post-processing’ applied as my 1020 applies (warming/softening). Was the 625 running amber and the other not perhaps?

  • hasell

    625 photos more bright and has good contras
    that’s proof when you see the color of sea which is blue in 625 but black in 520

  • Cryio

    Is it just me, or does the 520 take better normal light pictures than the 625?