Nokia Lumia 625: How to transfer your iTunes music

WP-iTunesThe Nokia Lumia 625 is one of the most accessible and intuitive smartphones around, especially with Windows Phone 8 on board. It can be daunting to have to switch over from another smartphone though, especially when you have all your music stored through iTunes. Here’s how to transfer your tracks hassle free.

Actually, moving your music tracks from iTunes to your new Nokia Lumia 625 isn’t a problem at all. Whether you’re a Windows or a Mac user, just follow our guidelines and you’ll be using Nokia Music to play all of your old music in no time at all.

Nokia Lumia 625: Everything you need to know

Before we start, you should note that you’ll only be able to transfer music that’s free from DRM (digital rights management) protection, but that shouldn’t be in issue in most cases.

Windows 7 and Windows 8

Microsoft makes the Windows Phone 8 OS that your Nokia Lumia 625 runs on, so it stands to reason that owners of the most recent Windows desktop operating systems should have an easy time transferring files from one to the other. This even proves to be the case when it comes to transferring music from a third- party Windows application such as iTunes.

All you have to do is follow this link to download the Windows Phone app for desktop to your Windows computer, and ensure that your Nokia Lumia 625 is connected. Now, go into the app and click on Settings, then opt to ‘Sync music, videos and more from’. Now select iTunes.

Windows Vista and Windows XP

So what if you’re using one of the older versions of Windows, like Vista or XP? Don’t worry – there’s an easy way for you to put your iTunes music onto your Nokia Lumia 625 too. Just start Windows Explorer (also known as File Explorer on some computers) and connect your Lumia 625. Now you can either copy and paste or drag and drop your music files from the iTunes folder direct to your phone. Simple.


So everything’s fine and dandy for Windows users, but what about Mac? You might be surprised to learn that getting iTunes music from Apple’s own system to your Nokia Lumia 625 is just as easy. Simply follow this link to download the free Windows Phone app for Mac. Now open the app and connect your Lumia 625, and you should see your phone recognised. Hit the Music tab and select which iTunes music tracks you want to copy across, then hit the Sync button to start the transference process.

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  • Bradley Felschow

    drag and drop with vista? bull, i tried that and it’s refusing to, i checked the folder properties and it’s saying the folders on the phone are read only, how on earth am I supposed to change that when it’s having no option to un-tick it?

  • aaabhishek

    The ringtone maker is not working ..what can I do sir.

  • aaabhishek

    Ok i’ll trying

  • Mikey_Bee

    We’ve found that sometimes you need to switch the phone off and on again for the ringtone to appear.

  • aaabhishek

    Yes ,I m using ringtone maker.but .its not wrking properly.

  • Mikey_Bee

    Go to Settings>Ringtones+Sounds and select Ringtone from there. If you use Ringtone Maker it will automatically set the ringtone for you

  • aaabhishek

    How can I use the ringhtone in my nokia 625

  • Mikey_Bee

    DRM free music is music that is free from DRM (Digital Rights Management) so can be easily switched between devices. For more on DRM please read :

  • aaabhishek

    What is drm free music