Ditch that BlackBerry switch to Nokia Lumia Windows Phone

switch-blackberry-windows-phoneSwitching from BlackBerry to Nokia Lumia running Windows Phone 8 is easier than you think After all, with the best looking handsets, the best features and a stream-lined Windows Phone 8 OS, it makes BlackBerry look old and slow. Nokia has made it easier than ever, so ditch that BlackBerry and switch to Windows Phone, it’s easy.

If you’re looking to get the best from your new smartphone then switching to Nokia Lumia running Windows Phone is the way to go. Whether it’s a high-end Nokia Lumia 1520 or an entry-level Nokia Lumia 520 you’ll find they share the same version of the operating system.

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What’s more, with Nokia leading the way in terms of amazing design, as well as the best smartphone colours out there, making the switch from BlackBerry to Nokia Lumia running Windows Phone makes perfect sense.

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Moving your apps, tunes and photos from your Blackberry is easier than you think. What’s more, if you’re already using a Blackberry and worried that switching to another platform will be a lot of unnecessary hassle, then fear not. Nokia has put together this great video guide that helps you switch easy in just three steps: Back Up – Setting Up – Transferring our Content.

Switch Easy: From a Blackberry:

If you need more advice on switching from your current Blackberry to Nokia Lumia running Windows Phone there is plenty of help to be had over at Nokia Care.

In order to make switching from Blackberry to Windows Phone easier, Microsoft has created the Windows Phone app for Desktop, which allows you to sync music, photos, films, TV programmes and podcasts from your existing device to your new Nokia Lumia.

DOWNLOAD: Windows Phone app for Desktop

If you don’t use a PC but run a Mac OS based computer instead, fear not as you’ll be able to switch too, as Microsoft has created the Windows Phone app for Mac just for you.

DOWNLOAD: Windows Phone app for Mac

  • MistelMistel

    If you compare a BlackBerry device with a Windows one, you should compare BB10 with Windows Phone or if you still want to take the old BlackBerry System compare it with a Windows Mobile device.

    Otherwise it would seem ridiculous.

    If I would compare a Nokia 6110 with a iPhone 5 the iPhone would win, or wouldn’t?

  • Kamal Abdullah

    One: NO BB10 user should EVER put down their BlackBerry for a Windows phone. Neither should BBOS 7.x users.
    Two: The 10.2.x update released by BlackBerry was extremely significant and this Falls 10.3 update will be even more so, adding incredible features to the already incredible BB10 OS, even adding a whole number app store, The Amazon App Store.
    Three: Did you say file manager? ROTFLMAO!!This is how I know that you know next to NOTHING about BB10. BlackBerry handsets have had a file manager dating back to BlackBerry’s legacy BBOS! WP has JUST received a file manager with the 8.1 update! And I guarantee you that the WP file manager DOES NOT have access to system files like the BB10 one does.
    Four: According to the latest information from Kantar, WP has not even surpassed BlackBerry in the UK. BlackBerry also has a larger market share than WP in places like South Africa, where BlackBerry has 70% of the market and in Toronto, where BlackBerry accounts for 23% of all sales there. And don’t even get me started on how BlackBerry dwarfs WP in places like Indonesia. And least we forget, when it comes to ENTERPRISE and Government, BlackBerry has a whopping 61% of the market! WP isn’t TOUCHING BlackBerry in enterprise.
    Five: Predictions are like butt-holes and opinions: everybody’s got one. This BY NO MEANS means that what these analyst are attempting to predict will come true.
    Six: BlackBerry is focusing on the enterprise market, which it dominates. WP will NEVER have such high dominance, in ANY market. WP and WinPro sharing the same source code does not mean WP will eclipse iOS or Android, especially since there are more Android devices sold globally than there are devices running WP OS or WinPro. Talk to me when a Windows mobile phone is running full blown WinPro. All this means is that there will be greater app compatibility.
    Seven: Does WP have or WinPro for that matter have anything like BlackBerry’s QNX? Nope! QNX is EVERYWHERE! It’s in satellites, health-care, nuclear power plants, automotive(ofwhich it has the dominant market share in), electrical power plants, stop lights, you name it! They have even replaced Microsoft in Ford automobile infotainment. And with the advent of the Internet of Things, look for QNX to become even more prominent. Which means that BlackBerry will become more prominent in things BEYOND MOBILE since they OWN QNX.

    So continue backing Windows Phone if you want. BlackBerry is well positioned for a future beyond mobile and shall remain the dominant player in mobile enterprise. I suspect with the advent of OS 10.3, a lot of WP fans will be converting to BlackBerry 10!

  • rednibkram

    1) I didn’t say anything about “old BB. I said “put down your BB” (referring to ANY BB).

    2) Also, I was referring to everyone comparing BB to Windows Phone 8.0. I meant that they should put down their BBs and try Windows Phone 8.1. WP8.1 is a VERY SIGNIFICANT upgrade to Windows Phone 8.0 with features that BB does not have (i.e. Cortana, file manager, etc.)

    3) In regards to BB sales, I was referring to United States market share and as of April 25, 2014, Windows Phone has risen to 3% market share while Blackberry has fallen to 2% market share in the United States and continues to decline.

    4) I don’t know where you are getting your market share numbers from, but according to Kantar dot com, globally, Android sales are at 51.7%, iOS at 41.4% and Windows
    Phone at 5.6%, leaving BB and “Other” to share 1.8%. However, this is irrelevant anyway. All major market companies are predicting that BB will fall to 0.03% market share by 2017
    whereas Windows Phone will rise to a little over 10% by 2017, possibly passing iOS by 2018 or 2019. Check out statista
    dot com.

    5) Which brings me to my final point; it’s not where phones are right now. It’s where they are headed, and Microsoft is poising to move ahead very quickly. Universal app development will allow developers to create an app for Windows Phone 8.1/9 that will also work on Windows 8.1/9 desktop/laptop OS. This will allow the app they create to instantly receive 90% market share globally (Windows has 90% market share for desktop/laptop OS). Even if only 75% of Windows users upgrade to Windows 8.1/9, that’s still 67% market share which is still higher than Android or iOS. This single item is the main reason (of many) why most market share companies are making this prediction. Does BB have anything like this to counter Microsoft? No, hence the prediction of 0.03% market share by 2017 for BB. Does BB have a desktop OS they can merge their phone OS with? Can they compete with such a concept? Being able to open an app on your phone and continue right where you left off on your desktop/laptop/tablet? Even Apple has taken notice of this feature and is trying to duplicate it in iOS8 with “Handoff”. But I promise you, it won’t even come close to what Microsoft is creating with universal apps, hence the prediction to overtake iOS by 2018/2019.

    Continue to back your BB if you want to, but I somehow have the feeling that all you BB users will eventually be holding Windows Phones in your hand sometime in the near future.